How can we help you?

2030zero has curated a selected list of support resources to help local organisations begin or accelerate their net zero journey, and also connecting to the SDGs and B Corp.

More specific resources can also be shared depending on your role, sector, size and ambition! Email for more advice.

Local Knowledge

A lot of great work has been done across the city region in support of our net zero ambitions. Tap into local expertise and knowledge and join a supportive community.

Liverpool Docks


Liverpool based expertise, experience and community across all elements of sustainability, SDGs, B Corp, CSR and net zero.



Ethos Magazine

A magazine about businesses changing the world. We connect sustainable ideas, people and places, with stories about work, ideas and life. We cover stories about the most progressive business leaders, their teams, ethos and ideas to give you a unique insight into how they’re changing how business is done.

Liverpool Docks


A new Liverpool sustainability network for cultural organisations

Zero Carbon building hong kong

Zero Carbon Research Initiative

Built environment expertise in decarbonisation as part of University of Liverpool


Liverpool Museum

Curating Tomorrow

Liverpool based, internationally operating, heritage, museum and culture sustainability / SDG consultancy.

Local Businesses

99% of local businesses are SMEs and often feel disconnected or overwhelmed by carbon conversations. Play your part today by pledging and committing to action as a unified local market. Take small bite-sized steps using the list of tools and resources or the bespoke support available on your net-zero journey.

For bigger businesses – this is your time to lead by example! Whether you are a locally grown company or part of a bigger corporate family you will face increasing regulatory pressure, if not already, in addition to ensuring your reputation to be seen to be leading the way.

Northern lights

SME Climate Hub

Official UK Govt portal encouraging all businesses to commit to net zero.


B The Change


Certified B Corps are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Also includes SDG Action Manager tools.

Oxford University

B Climate Tools Base

A B Corp aligned collective initiative partnered with Oxford University

Electric Power - Windmills

BSI – PAS 2060

Verification standard for carbon neutrality



Chapter Zero

Building a community of non-executive directors and equip them to lead crucial UK boardroom discussions on the impacts of climate change.

Local Public Sector

Liverpool City Council has already developed a new Carbon Management Plan with target for 2030, whilst Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has chosen 2040. 2030zero aims to accelerate the implementation of these action plans through wider engagement and communications.

The Local Government Association also recently produced a ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Guide for Councils’ with 2030hub’s work for the City of Liverpool as a case study.

Additional resources for the Local Public Sector are available below.

Liverpool Town Hall

Local Government Association

‘Local Path to Net Zero’

Sustainable home with solar panels

National Housing Federation

Climate & Sustainability 

Council boardroom

Local Government Association

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Guide for Councils

Local Communities and Individuals

Charities, community groups and every single person are crucial in grassroots activity and wider engagement of both the private and public sector. We need you to support or help put more pressure on local leaders and businesses through community actions, purchasing decisions and who you choose to vote for.


Let’s Go Zero

Schools working together to be zero carbon.


Patagonia Action Works

Patagonia has supported grassroots groups working to find solutions to the environmental crisis. But in this time of unprecedented threats, it’s often hard to know the best way to get involved.


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